Welcome to the web site of the Bellevue Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Since 1913 our Sorority has been a beacon of light for predominately African American, college educated  women across the globe, promoting academic excellence and public service. Following in this tradition, the Bellevue Alumnae Chapter, established in 1989, lights the way for public service projects on the eastside communities of Seattle.

In 2014 our Chapter celebrated  25 years  of service. As a member initiated into the Bellevue Alumnae Chapter 20 years ago, it gives me great pleasure to take the leadership role and continue Bellevue's legacy of sisterhood, scholarship and service. 


Chapter President

Dr. Gloria Mitchel

Vice President

Chapter Vice President

Cecily Bayless-Jones 

As Vice President, I want to encourage you to visit our site often to see some of the community activities the chapter is involved in. Since college, I've been committed to the ideals of our Sorority, and nothing gives me more pleasure than helping continue the Bellevue Alumnae legacy!

Our site provides information about our activities, projects and programs designed around Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Five Point Programmatic Thrust:

  • Economic Development
  • Educational Development
  • International Awareness
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Political Awareness and Involvement

If you are interested in finding more information about our chapter, please feel free to click on our picture above to send us a message. As Vice President, I am eager to great new Sorors to the area as well as direct others to membership information.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Sorority, please feel free to visit links to our  National web site  or the  Far West Regional website .

Bellevue Alumnae Chapter - Our Beginning?